‘Kali_Na’ Wins a Shirley Jackson Award

‘Kali_Na’ Wins a Shirley Jackson Award


My deepest gratitude to the Shirley Jackson Awards and the jurors this year for selecting my short story ‘Kali_Na’ as the winner in the Short Fiction category. A huge thank you to my editors Navah Wolfe and Dominik Parisien for their thoughtful, sensitive work on the story, and for giving it a home in their anthology The Mythic Dream (SAGA Press), which you should all read, because the other stories in it are fabulous.

Congratulations to the other winners Sarah Rose Etter, Priya Sharma, Brooke Warra, Brian Evenson, Christopher Golden & James A. Moore, as well as to all the finalists! I’m honoured to be included among you all.

You can watch the online awards ceremony here.

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