2022 Publications

2022 Publications

If you’re looking for new stories from me, I’ve had two published this year. See below, and please feel free to nominate them for awards if that’s the kind of thing you’re able to do, or just read and recommend them to others who might dig them. Enjoy!

1. Here Comes Your Man

Cover for Ellen Datlow's anthology Screams From the Dark: 29 Tales of Monsters and the Monstrous. The title is in yellow serif font against a dark composite image of a small silhouetted figure standing in a beam of light in a cavern. Colour scheme goes from black and blue at the top to dark red at the bottom.

‘Here Comes Your Man’ is a short story that was published in legendary horror editor Ellen Datlow’s Screams From the Dark: 29 Tales of Monsters and the Monstrous (Nightfire), alongside the work of many, many wonderful writers. It’s about a young Kolkata couple’s weekend trip to Santiniketan to see the harvest festival, which turns nightmarish when they meet an over-friendly stranger who demands to tell them their fortunes.

Publishers Weekly called ‘Here Comes Your Man’ a ‘searing’ story, Lightspeed Magazine called it ‘brilliantly complex, brutally honest, and layered with petals of intense transformations’, and Esquire called it ‘a trauma dream of masculinity, both toxic and imperiled [, which] reconfigures Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs for a West Bengal setting’. Maybe you’ll like it too. You can get the anthology here. And here in India (or better, ask your local bookstore if you don’t want to give Amazon support).

2. Of all the New Yorks in all the Worlds

Art by Ashley Mackenzie of a young brown man in hoodie and trousers standing in a rippling pool of water that reflects New York City and its lights below his feet.

‘Of all the New Yorks in all the Worlds’ is a short story about a very ordinary young student of multiversal time travel, and the different versions time makes of yourself and the people and places you love, set in multiple New York Cities that don’t exist. Many thanks to Jonathan Strahan for acquiring and editing this, to Ashley Mackenzie for the lovely cover art.

The earliest versions of this story date back to when I was a significantly younger person (one version was drafted during my time at Clarion West 2012 in Seattle, in the week we had time travel master Connie Willis in the house, so to speak, but that wasn’t the earliest), so writing this latest one actually felt somewhat like time travel.

Free to read at Tor.comhttps://www.tor.com/2022/10/19/of-all-the-new-yorks-in-all-the-worlds-indrapramit-das/ 

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