Jonathan Strahan’s The Book of Witches

Jonathan Strahan’s The Book of Witches

Art by Alyssa Winan of the cover of the anthology The Book of Witches, edited by Jonathan Strahan., showing a witch in a pointed hat standing over a cauldron steaming like green fire in a forest lit in purples. White text overlaid with the title and editor.

Harper Voyager has revealed the cover (lovely art by Alyssa Winan) for Jonathan Strahan’s upcoming anthology The Book of Witches. Per their Twitter account;

The Book of Witches anthology [will be] coming out next summer, featuring illustrations from Alyssa throughout and has stories from some of the biggest talents (known and rising!) in SFF.

I have a new story in the book, ‘As Wayward Sisters, Hand in Hand’, following the complicated friendship between two roommates at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania during the aughts, one from India, the other raised with a secret knowledge of what might be magic. I hope everyone who gets this book enjoys the story. Many thanks to Jonathan Strahan for taking on the piece, which like most of my stories disregards ‘genre’ rules, and placing it alongside new stories by this group of amazing authors. I look forward to reading my fellow contributors’ stories, and admiring Alyssa’s illustrations for them.

I believe The Book of Witches can be pre-ordered here:

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