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  • Art by Alyssa Winan of the cover of the anthology The Book of Witches, edited by Jonathan Strahan., showing a witch in a pointed hat standing over a cauldron steaming like green fire in a forest lit in purples. White text overlaid with the title and editor.

    Jonathan Strahan’s The Book of Witches

    Harper Voyager has revealed the cover (lovely art by Alyssa Winan) for Jonathan Strahan’s upcoming anthology The Book of Witches....

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    Upcoming Anthology: New Suns

    I wrote a story called ‘The Shadow We Cast Through Time’, featuring exoplanetary folklore, deep space myth, and extraterrestrial...

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    Upcoming Anthology: The Outcast Hours

    When I worked night shifts on-call as a dog hotel attendant in Vancouver, people kept telling me to write...


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