New Story: Incarnate

New Story: Incarnate


Avatars Inc ( is a free online sf anthology in the form of a ‘memory archive’ of telepresence robots across the near future, edited by Ann VanderMeer and published by XPRIZE, with stories by a fantastic list of writers including Aliette de Bodard, Jeffrey Ford, Kelly Robson, Madeline Ashby, SL Huang, Ken Liu, Tade Thompson, James S. A. Corey, JY Neon Yang, Pat Cadigan, Adrian Tchaikovsky and many more. You can read all the stories on the website, or download it as an ebook or PDF.

I have a new story in it, ‘Incarnate’, about a political refugee from India who briefly transcends borders and exile to visit her family and homeland using a robotic telepresence ‘avatar’. It was written right before the ongoing anti-CAA/NPR/NRC/anti-fascist protests began in India:…/2044http://www.a…/future_ideas/2044

The lovely illustration is by artist Janelle Barone.

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