New Story: The Worldless

New Story: The Worldless

The Worldless

My latest story ‘The Worldless’ is now up to read for free at Lightspeed Magazine. You can, of course, still buy the issue or subscribe at any time. The issue also features stories Adam-Troy Castro, Rachel Swirsky, Julian Mortimer-Smith, Marta Randall, Greg Kurzawa, Eileen Gunn and Caitlin R. Kiernan, as well interviews and reviews. The beautiful cover illustration of ‘The Worldless’ is, as mentioned, by the very talented Reiko Murakami. Many thanks to John Joseph Adams for picking this story, which I’m quite proud of.

‘The Worldless’ is about starport workers who sell chai and alcohol to cosmic wayfarers in transit, passing the days listening to stories of other worlds and watching the immense starship they can never board blink in and out of spacetime on the horizon. But of all the worlds, the one they dream of the most is the one their genes came from–Earth.

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